In 1972, Dr. Maxwell Schoenfeld, my British History Professor at the University of Wisconsin, happened upon me attempting to impress my classmates by impersonating Winston Churchill just outside of his lecture hall.

Dr. Schoenfeld sternly ushered me into his office.

Expecting the worst, you can imagine my surprise when the learned Professor’s scowl turned into a radiant smile: “That wasn’t bad, Mr. Otto!”

Over the years, the indefatigable Churchill scholar – Dr. Schoenfeld – encouraged my enthusiastic scholarly pursuit of Winston Spencer Churchill.

Further,  Max prodded the usage of my creative skills, suggesting I develop a theatrical approach.

I’ve created a number of vignettes and set pieces that bring Churchill’s persona to life as a tribute to the memory of Dr. Maxwell Schoenfeld who died in 1996.

I have been performing “Randy Otto as Winston Churchill” professionally for the past 5 years. And if I do say so myself, I’m pretty damned good at it!

It is no coincidence that I named my eldest son Maxwell.